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5 GB of Rsync Backup Space!

Linux Backups - easy.

What's Backup Teddy? Backup Teddy makes it easy to backup your web files, MySQL databases, and more.

Easily backup gigabytes of data from your web host server or VPS to our secure systems with our easy backup software.

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Super easy to use

The Backup Teddy linux software takes less than five minutes to setup and reliably backs up your important databases and files like magic!

Military grade security

Your data is yours alone. Our systems were engineered with security from day one. All data passed to and from our servers are encrypted and RAID protected.

FTP access when needed

If you ever need fast access to your data, it's easy. We give you access to ftp and SAMBA mounts!

Unbelievable speed

Super fast backup technology means you only backup the parts of your files that change! That's right. Long gone are the days of painfully uploading giant files.

Start backing up your linux servers Today with Backup Teddy!